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This campsite is not what I expected! Grumble Grumble…

Have you ever went camping and found yourself saying something very similar? If you have then this is the blog for you friend. Maps and websites can be very misleading, and that can lead to a lot of frustration, especially when you have to plan your camping trip weeks, or even months in advance. With all of the normal headaches to worry about, weather, children, gear, who wants to arrive to find themselves in mud and roots, or on the side of a cliff that is technically next to the water but you cant see it, fish it, or even get to it?

Our names are Spencer and Kimberly, and we were like you once, frustrated that most of the time we thought that we had a great spot, by the looks of the pictures and maps online, and it turned out to be the exact opposite of what we were expecting. We love camping, we love getting out to explore new areas, but most importantly we just want to relax and enjoy ourselves. That said we can be very different when it comes to how we would like to spend our trip which is a huge benefit to you.

Spencer, born and raised in upstate NY, spent most of his life in the woods on his family farm hunting and gathering. Nature was a big part of his every day life so now working as a software engineer he is always eager to get back to his roots every chance he can get. While camping he likes to sit by the fire at night with a fishing pole in the water listening to that ding a ling from the pole bell when a curious fish swims by. He loves the outdoors, listening to the wild, gathering his own food, and finding new creative ways to prepare it. You can often times find him in the water early in the morning looking around, observing the landscape, enjoying the animals, and just being at peace with nature.

Kimberly on the other hand loves to sit by the campfire and read her magazines while drinking a cool beverage. Born in Louisiana, raised in Alaska, she has traveled much of the country and visited many campgrounds during her travels. Taught etiquette in South Carolina, as a young adult, and a medical professional by trade, she is first and foremost a lady that requires a campground with at least a shower and bathroom. She completely prefers tent camping over RV, any day, she loves to kayak, and gather firewood, she loves historical grounds, learning about other campers who they are, and where they come from, but most of all she loves to just have fun.

Although we do things very differently we also don’t like to be separated which is probably a good reason why we are so particular about where we camp. To top it off as parents of three teenage daughters, a tween daughter, and a fifth younger daughter we thoroughly enjoy our time out by ourselves when we can get it. However, we also take every opportunity to bring the children just to get them away from technology, and normal every day life. That said, If you have children you know it’s a must to have something for those children to do otherwise your camping vacation turns into, well, not a camping vacation…at all. It turns into something… much… much worse.

In short, our goal here is to share what we have learned about various campgrounds with “actual” pictures and descriptions to help you better choose your camping trip. With our well rounded background and lifestyles it is our goal to help our fellow campers find the right place to camp, the first time, every time. We will take pictures of various sites at each campground and list our personal campsite picks for a fun, enjoyable time so you are not surprised, like we often are, on your next trip.

Join us and let’s build something exciting together.

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