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Have you ever went camping, signed up weeks in advance, researched the maps and online photos, did everything you are supposed to do only to find yourself disappointed when the day finally arrives? Maps and websites can be very misleading, their sole purpose is to draw people in, and that can lead to a lot of frustration. We know, we understand your pain because we are constantly in the same situation as you have experienced. As regular campers ourselves we can tell you that there is just no way to know what kind of site that you are going to, or what kind of campground you are going to, unless you scout out the area first which can be very time consuming. Well friends, look no further, we have done that for you and then wrote it all down in one convenient location. Even when we are not camping we enjoy riding the motorcycle, sometimes 6 or 7 hours away from home, and when we see a campground we stop to tour it. The park rangers are usually very accommodating, are generally happy to answer all of our questions, and we always have our camera with us. So, with all of the normal headaches to worry about, weather, children, gear, who wants to arrive to find themselves in mud and roots, or on the side of a cliff that is technically next to the water but you cant see it, fish it, or even get to it? Let us help you find the best spot the first time, every time.

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