Deer Run Adventure bound “campground?” – Schaghticoke, NY

Well folks, we knew the moment we looked at the website and saw the words “adventure” and “resort” mixed with the ultimate camping experience that we weren’t going to like it…. boy oh boy were we right. It was never our intention to talk about this type of campground, in this blog, we like the state grounds mostly, privately owned places that we would actually consider “camping”, but most of all we love to explore and visiting new places. However, we were called out to come “camping” here, and we were even given a sales pitch, multiple times, to buy one of these “fabulous” unmovable campers already on its own site, so here we go.

So why did we go you might ask? Simple, we like to explore, we were invited, and we were told it was a great spot to go camping. It was then after we agreed to go up to “camp” we looked at the website but even then we tried to be optimistic since the “camp” sites themselves looked like they were off the beaten path, so why not. We have been wrong before, in fact, we love to be wrong when the place is much more than we expected in a positive manner.

Our friends have seasonal “camp” sites here, if that is what you would like to call it, and they love it “Deerly.” That was a little play on words there, and a really bad joke thrown together by Spencer, Kimberly doesn’t want any credit for it… However, she will agree that it’s still more fun than you can expect from this place. The moment we pulled up to the front gate, pressed the intercom to state our business, and were instructed to go directly to the camp store for a pass… it was all over friends. If you ever heard of the show trailer park boys, or have been to virtually any trailer park in North America, then you have been here. That’s the only thought running through our brains from the time we arrived to the time we left…

… Bubbles shed and breakfast for kitties and people who love them, then take a small water park and drop it smack dab in the middle, add a playground, a bunch of lawn chairs, and wallah, a resort fit for a king. Not to say in any way that living in a trailer park is bad, we just don’t see a lot of people saving up to vacation in one.

So why does it look like the camp sites are off the beaten path? Because the pictures are taken very, very close and at precise angles. In reality these campers are literally stacked next to each other like rocks on a rock wall, then with the added tents, decks, vehicles, trailers, outdoor bars, wagons, bikes, golf carts furniture, and sheds you actually have to walk sideways to get through some places. Now, we found three campsites that were actually nice, had grass, a decent size lot, and were facing the forest. However, out of the three sites only one did not cause you to clean dust off everything you own every 20 minutes. Seasonal campers who have been there for years, and are not going anywhere anytime soon, occupy all three sites so it’s not even worth mentioning the site numbers.

The cabins are a little better, they seem like they are spaced further apart but that could just because they don’t have added clutter around them. We will say that some of the cabins have quite a bit of room on the inside compared to cabins at other campgrounds which seem to be little more than a shed with bunks on the wall.

You have the option to rent golf carts from the park store if you are 21 and have a driver’s license, along with pedal powered go-karts. After you’ve had a few drinks it seems you no longer have to abide by the rules of the road, apparently, since it’s a big free for all. That combined with the people who bring their own golf carts and let their teens drive them, teens who don’t actually grasp the concept of slowing down when pulling out in front of a moving vehicle, or walking pedestrians.

“Did you feel something?” “Nah… just keep driving”

You may think I am over exaggerating but the park recently closed off its trails, to the golf carts, since a young woman reportedly went down one, a few weeks ago, flipped her cart and busted out her teeth. Rumor around the park is that alcohol was involved but Kim and I do not know for sure, it certainly would not surprise us considering what we did witness for ourselves there. That said who knows how much of it is actually true, campground politics, and rumors, spread like a California wildfire in places like this which is a total killjoy in itself because that’s all anyone ever wants to talk about.

Hey you guys remember 37 years ago when that kid was riding his bike too fast and skinned his knee? I told him, I told him a hundred times he needed to slow down…

Despite all of this nonsense there are children riding their bikes around, there are people walking around, there are a couple different swimming pools for people to relax in. There is then a kiddie train that goes through the campground playing its jingle repeatedly, so you can hum the tune all week at work, so it’s not like a war zone in anyway. There is a lot to do for small children but not too much for adults unless you like sitting in a lawn chair and staring at your neighbor. You see most of the adults sitting outside of their camper in their gravel driveway/campsite, some of them so close they are actually talking to their neighbor though the neighbor’s camper window. The adults with small children do pretty much the same thing because after the thrill of being in a new place has worn off, they keep their children occupied with cartoons and video games on an outdoor television, which, to us, defeats the whole purpose of being outside.

Then the map shows a dog park, with a shed and a baseball field… In reality it’s a large grassy field with high power lines going through it. If you follow the high power lines, they run off a cliff and down the mountain giving you a truly wonderful view, we mean that, the view is gorgeous, natures splendor at its finest.

Off to the side, a little bit, you can get married under two arbors, which are strategically placed, against this magnificent background so when you have your picture taken it will truly be a thing of beauty. From the Bride and Grooms point of view, they can awe in amazement at their loved ones, smiling faces of friends and family, the majestic beauty of nature, hovering over a sea of campers, cabins, strangers looking on in their shorts, tee shirts, bathing suits, random political statements, flags, bags of garbage left out for the trash collector, and the “dog park”.

Then we come to the tent sites, wide-open field, no shade, no privacy, sites are literally on top of each other. They are so close, in fact, that you may as well be sharing a tent with people you don’t know… spooning is optional. Again these luxurious sites are against a sea of campers that you can rent. Down the middle is the old golf cart trail that the young woman reportedly had her accident on, a couple of fire rings, a couple of picnic tables. We just don’t know what else to say, it’s not camping, in anyway, so let’s call it living differently than you live now on the outskirt of the world’s smallest water park. We suppose its great if you like that sort of thing, or have small children and want to stay for a brief time, a day, but as far as “camping” goes, we wouldn’t even rate it as being outdoors at this point. We don’t dare talk about how much it costs so we will leave you with the following. We both give this place a huge thumbs down.

-Spencer and Kimberly

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