Coleman Classic Propane Stove

Hello again friends, this is a review of the Coleman classic two burner propane stove which we use frequently. From camping to Ice fishing we love using a camp stove when a campfire isn’t allowed, or available. This particular stove is light weight, and easy to set up however it does have a few drawbacks.

Firstly the knobs drive Spencer nuts, they are stiff and very touchy. Just a very faint turn can take your flames from super high to completely off which becomes even more frustrating when the stiff knob bounces back to its original setting after you adjust it. Spencer has found that gently tapping the knob, with his finger, on one side or the other can adjust the flame far more easy that actually trying to turn it. To us this seems like a very simple feature for Coleman to correct, and since it controls the main operation of the stove its worth the company addressing in our opinion.

Next, attaching the propane cylinder is quick and easy, but attaching the tank arm to the stove can prove to be troublesome. The brass nut/screw at the end of the arm can be sticky or stiff at times so slightly giggling the arm is necessary to screw the arm on all of the way. The nut could really benefit from a couple of wings to hold onto when you screw the nut onto the unit. Currently, as is, its like every other stove out there and you are left guessing if the arm is tight enough for operation without the use of an external tool. The sides are metal but the hinges, and end clips, are a bit flimsy. We are always afraid of breaking them off during operation but we realistically haven’t had too much trouble with them since we are careful. Now, the sides don’t hinder the operation of the stove but here is the issue that we foresee. If these clips, or sides, were to ever break off then you would have nothing to hold the lid up. Again, you can still operate the stove with the lid folded all the way back, but in a windy area it could make cooking on low heat very troublesome.

Other than that the stove has a built in handle so its easy to carry, it always lights, it’s easy to clean, and for the most part it is sturdy. When you find the right size flame the stove works perfectly, but that in itself can be a chore. The sides help block the wind while cooking, and the stove top is large enough for 2 small pans, or a pan and a coffee pot. That said, being a two burner stove, we feel it is a bit heavy/bulky with the propane cylinders, for hiking purposes and would recommend a smaller version if campfires are not allowed.

We typically love Coleman Products, and even though we are happy with this item, we would still only give it 3 out of 5 stars since, to us, it’s very average quality. The knobs are a big factor in making this decision although this type of behavior seems to be the norm, when it comes to other propane products we have used. That said we have used other items with a smoother transition when it comes to flame size, so we know the concept exists, and to us it seems like a very basic idea that makes a huge impact when it comes to actual performance.

That’s all of our gossip for today folks but before we leave you we would love to know. What did you think of our review? Have you used this stove yourself? What would you like to see added to our next review to make it more helpful? As always we would love to hear from you in the comments below. Until next time friends, thank you for reading and, as always, happy camping.

-Kimberly and Spencer

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