PSA – Community Faucets!

This PSA has been brought to you by Spencer… because sometimes he uses big words that he doesn’t fully understand.

When considering camp kitchens, camp food, camp fires, one should also be prepared for camp dishes. Clean is good, I love clean, I get it, but….. but, BUT! Please, for the love of Mike, bring something to wash your dishes in.

This public service announcement comes at the expense of our most recent camp neighbors. The two groups were very nice, polite, but I think they were relatively new to the whole camping scene. The second group had a wonderful little boy, about 4 years old very talkative, asked a lot of questions, I even ended up giving him my Frisbee welcoming him to the camping community.

Anyway, they all washed their dishes directly under the faucet and believe me, the last time I saw that many eggs on the ground I was in a hen house… Yes, bad dad joke… Focus! They are “community” faucets… bring a pan, use your largest pot, use a bag, anything to carry water back to your site for dishes but please do not wash your dishes directly under the faucet. The end result makes the ground a mess, the faucet knob greasy, it spreads germs and if the critters don’t clean up the mess it starts to smell. People walk over it barefoot, kids play near the faucets, and it just makes you feel like you’re camping at the city dump. So please, bring a dish pan…

Happy Camping!

P.S. Please don’t make me tell Chuck!

2 thoughts on “PSA – Community Faucets!

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