Camping Gear

Hello friends,

We don’t camp all year around, although we hold out for as long as we possibly can. You may see Spencer camping out on the ice from time to time, in his insulated tent while ice fishing, but you will never find Kimberly doing that without an ice castle, with a bathroom… and a shower. When we do get out, however, we use a wide array of different products that help us along the way. This array is only increased by the fact that we also have five daughters to care for so, as you can imagine, we use quite a bit to help us get through the weekend.

In this section we hope to accomplish two things, firstly, we would like let you, the reader, know that we are still around during “our” off season. More importantly we would like this to help serve as a guide, a detailed pro and con list, from people who use this stuff on a regular basis. People who, having such a large family, can easily give these items the ultimate stress test. Spencer and Kimberly see themselves as fair in their judgement but lets face it, certain things you have no control over so outside of that it is very important to know…. if the family isn’t happy, and it has something to do with a certain product, you will be sure to know about it first hand.

That said, we have already explained that we, Kimberly and Spencer, are very different in our opinions, and for good reason. Kimberly loves camping, and the cool air, being raised in Alaska, but she has an eye for the finer points in life. Attending etiquette school in the south as a young teen, shopping at Tiffany’s, chasing theater and ballet, and being a college professor she is first, and foremost, a lady and a scholar. Spencer, well, there isn’t much to tell, he grew up in the woods, his family starting off from a very poor background, he, at one point, was about as redneck as you could possibly get. Growing up in upstate NY most of his childhood was spent cutting, and splitting, wood, throwing hay bales, shoveling stalls, packing and freezing food his family harvested. Spencer later became a college professor himself, to everyone’s surprise, and then later a Software Engineer.

With that knowledge, and an appreciation for the level of compromises that have to be made by each side, you can expect this team to deliver well rounded reviews, tips, and opinions for everyone to appreciate. It is our sincerest hope that you join us in this unique take on product reviews as we try to deliver the most unbiased assessments that you will find anywhere on the internet. Thank you for reading, and happy camping!

-Spencer and Kimberly